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I was not offended when you looked at me and I realized that there was no one in my place to look at you back. I comprehend. Seriously, I have strange feelings about the different wars that are going on in the universe and I am ready to take some action, very serious action. No jokes. This is not some kind of whatever mechanism that you find in a shopping mall or you fish from the pockets of extremely annoying weirdos while they’re sleeping. Flowers in the middle of the unspeakable, caramelized news behind curtains in front of other curtains and all of them become layers and some kind of onions that all my friends talk about; it’s over for my cup of tea. It is empty talk. We got used to talking with our fingers or pretending that if I wink, you will get what I mean, but I want you to get something and if you think this is a problem then you have an issue, which a dentist can take care of. First of all it is about the dogs. Something went wrong with the dogs in the mastermind cities and all of them have their own leashes. The parks are brighter, too many lights to keep any secrets, the smoking is not permitted and all of us we have one particular something to take care and especially ourselves. Then, I missed all my friends in a well-established university. I’m bored and I don’t know why. I never have enough money to go up and down anywhere. The issue here is that no one, I’m telling you no one, is going to take care of you. Just think about it when you look at me;

Georgia Sagri


Opening and Performance Dec 11th 2010 8-10pm @ SOTOSO, Brussels http://www.sotoso.org/a/a/imgboard.htm

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