Note: For video

  • I lost my camera my keys the apartment.
  • I'm under influential nets and affects.
  • My phone is off for a week now and I can't find my love my smile and my cry.
  • Do you like reality tv?
  • My dreams are turning gray and green. The fluorescent dreams of a well tuned joy.
  • Since I was born after the dictatorship I am searching for the tools to translate how I can place my self and what to do.
  • Confrontation
  • occupation,
  • a party,
  • the one to one meetings,
  • to only take care of you and just forget macro expectations.
  • It is the impossibility that created us.
  • Stop work and meet us.
  • We'll steal the wind and the wine and run to the edges.
  • I'll meet you in an hour.

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