Note (replying to a mailing list)

If the seriousness of the situation is not clear then a shift of one word can't change anything. What is important for a bunch of us is to understand that we don't want to replace the union leaders, or the expertize organizers, the "makers" of the student movement. What it is great and what we see every day in every corner of the world is that people are aware of the political and economic games played on their back. They recognize that the political situation-either called democracy, dictatorship, oligarchy etc- is all the way fabricated for the favor of capitalism's monstrosity and its expansion to every inch, every pore of our lives. Privatization expands to the calculation of our lives only perceived as numbers, the same with water, plants, seeds, animals and the DNA; if we are not able to talk about those issues in connection to the humiliation of the worker, the student and every profession then how we can expand our understanding of work without the power relations that entails? If we can't speak about the demolishing of money then how we are able to speak about life than survival? Words come only from the place of negotiation, manipulation when we call people "broader" audience, this is something that politicians always do, lawyers do, bureaucrats do, managers do, unions and organizers do; but our words must come from our mouths who we are amongst the people we are writing our texts- not for them but with them- and Seize the Empty Words and Speak about Life than Death.

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