Do you have any money?
Can you leave me here?

Car is passing
Dog is laughing
Cat is mumbling cat’s alphabet

She is out of the bed she walks at the kitchen naked.
She puts water in a glass
Her nakedness is thin. Contrast light blocked on white cotton curtains.
She leans on the table to write a note.

“I woke up early
and here is your credit card “

the credit card is on the table

There are oranges in the fridge, half bottle of milk, two slices of bread and a cereal bar. Eat something you look weak and desperate and the color of your lips is grey even when you’re sleeping

I made coffee, have some 

Can you hold on?

I am begging for a powerful golden force when you are asking me to still love you.  Death is around the corner. Every time I pass this damn bridge I check if there is light in your apartment. I can even see the mirror hanging on the wall at the corridor’s side.

Georgia Sagri, Tuesday, January 4, 2011 11:09 AM

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