A cat only with a head

We embody the cliches of our societies. The point is how to break the clishes by realizing how we are being our own cliches and that won't happen if we are always adding the critique to the discussion but by accepting the fact of not being in the position of the Other not because we don't accept the Other but because we won't ever be the Other.

And when I say ourselves I mean our bodies, our desires, attractions, tensions, fears, celebrations, intentions and those are not a social construction and contract but an emotional force that I find stronger and more relevant to work upon. All the forms, texts, lines, tactics of acceptance and embrace of the Other by and through the critique, through the creation of terms like homophobia, racism and feminism is for vomit the same as how easy the Other can get exorcised by laws, behaviors, salaries that have no terms, language and 'proofs' to define them.

I see that we can only be reactionaries just because it is easier and it doesn't take us anywhere. I mean it doesn't make us to confront our own selves and our own limitations.

Can we start making and doing what we want and not what we are, what we are named of by the Other or for the Other?

It is like we are a cat chasing our tail but the only thing we have is a head.

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