Note/ Guy Debord/ Howls for Sade (fragment)

Voice 2: We were ready to blow up all the bridges, but the bridges let us down.

Voice 1: Twelve-and -a-half-year-old Madeleine Reineri, who under the stage name "Pirouette" starred in the Alpes-Grenoble radio program Happy Thursdays, threw herself into the Isere River.

Voice 2: Mademoiselle Reineri of the Europe Quarter, you still have your wonderstuck face and that body, the best of promised lands. Like neon lights, the dialogues repeat their definitive truths.

Voice 1: I love you.

Voice 4: It must be terrible to die.

Voice 1: See you later.

Voice 4: You drink far too much.

Voice 1: What are childhood loves?

Voice 1: I knew it. And there was a time that I regretted it very much.

Voice 4: Whould you like an orange?

Voice 1: The beautiful breakups of volcanic islands.

Voice 1: In the past.

Voice 4: I have nothing more to say to you.

Voice 2: Once again, after all the untimely answers and the aging of youth, night falls from on high.

Voice 2: Like lost children we live our finished adventures.

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