When I use the I in my notes it doesn't mean that my notes are personal or refer to me.
Also, that I doesn't mean one I, my I and only. The notes are texts that carry a certain function because they depend on another text in order to appear. In comparison to any other form of written text the note can be found stuck on a fridge, it can sometimes be a doodle, one sentence, fragment of thought written parallel to a printed text inside a book, in a magazine, on a receipt, on a staple. Notes are peripheral texts that add, erase, make comments and file. The underlined text in a book is also a note. When you read and you exclude a passage from the whole by underlining it, most times you are using a pencil or a pen or these fluo markers which I remember liking when I was little, but at that time I was underlining everything. Anyways, similarly when I have a fragment written here, it is an underlined text taken from a book or a magazine or it is a text I found somewhere, maybe I can call it underline instead of note. Well, hm, I'll keep it with this name for now. The note name.

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