Note - The Open, Man and the Animal by G.Agamben

"..Every environment is a closed unity in itself, which results from the selective sampling of a series of elements or "marks" in the umgebung*, which, in turn, is nothing other than man's environment. The first task of the researcher observing an animal is to recognize the carriers of significance which constitute its environment. These are not, however, objectively and factically isolated, but rather constitute a close functional- or as Uexkull prefers to say, musical- unity with the animal's receptive organs that are assigned to perceive the mark (Merkorgan) and to react to it (Wirkorgan). Everything happens as if the external carrier of significance and its receiver in the animal's body constituted two elements in a single musical score, almost like two notes of the "keyboard in which nature performs the supratemporal and extraspatial sympony of signification", though it is impossible to say how two such heterogenous elements could ever have been so intimately connected.."

*the environment-world that is constituted by a more or less broad series in which we see a living being moving

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