we want to be part of a conversation. i don't want to be part of any conversation. it is not about i tell you something and then you buy it or sell it at the end. it is about you tell me something and then i sell it at the end. it is not about closed dialogues. it is only about closed dialogues. as artists we can't still think we are out there just to sell our stuff. as artists we are out there to sell our stuff. collaboration is just simple as that. collaboration is complicated and tiring and by the way i hate this word. collaboration is beyond ego, creativity is owned by everybody and not only from creative people. collaboration is only about ego and creativity well we are going too far. you have to get over yourself and stop assuming you are some genius and that everybody is an idiot and you have to collaborate with everybody, with peers, with people you have no common language, with groups coming from different cultures and fields. i don't want to collaborate with anyone and you are an idiot. art can't be outside of the conversation and artists can't still think of themselves as special people. i am more special than you think i am, do you want a kiss? reality runs faster than any artist's idea. reality doesn't exist anyway, do you want a kiss? i can't waste more time to think of another art-project, i prefer to participate in terms of reality not art. Buy all my wasted time and i will not care if you participate or not.

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