There is a particular thing I enjoy using only my portable computer or any random computer to make something. First of all I don't need to set up again and again a kind of a personal environment in order to focus. When I switch on my computer my environment is in front of me and it is waiting for me. When I use a random computer I can very easily set up an environment by uploading files from my hard drive, from dvds and documents out of my email account. On the screen I have folders, shapes and ideas. I don't need to go to any store, wonder around, searching for what I need and what it would be useful for me to use. Archives, articles, folders, staff in general are such a complicated thing. You need at least a permanent address to own shelves and a room to have pencils, folders with images and heavy duty books. But if you don't have specific address, if you don't find it appealing to work full time jobs to pay the rent and if work is not one of your favorites, maybe you just end up hung out here and there. The other day I went to the Pearl, the art store on Canal street, and I felt so confused. All this brushes and paints and things I didn't know why I had to get even one of them to use. There was this red pastel and it was another red beside it and then another and another. They looked so much the same the one beside the other and it didn't make to me any difference if they differ even a tiny bit as they were on the same shelf with the similar uniformed labeled template, it made me nervous even to watch them. Then, I thought well, in order to spend time with them and figure out their differences and how to use them, I had to either buy them or steal them; and then on top of that I needed paper and bla bla bla and I forgot why I needed to put those reds on a paper in the first place. I will do the test on a blank document see the differences and figure out how it does it and if it does something I will save it and keep it on one of my folders. Maybe, not necessarily soon, perhaps at a particular moment, it will become something.
Possible a copy, there won't be any bricks if you wonder what is behind the curtain, it might become three or four dimensional. It could be made out of a material which possesses fast appearances and disappearances. What kind of material would that be? Digitized signals, waves, electric colorful pigments of movement; and meanwhile, until my file will shift dimensions, I can choose to do nothing.

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