with Allison Katz, 2008

A.K What is your understanding of the difference between Desire and Pleasure?

G.S Desire is an unspeakable essence that exists outside of me and needs me to complete its purpose. Desire exists for me without me. Navigates my steps and I am the where and how that doesn’t exist yet with me. Desire is not an object, it’s the impulse to make, an impulse to do something in relation to someone who you desire in order the desire to exist.

Pleasure is complete
No thinking about pleasure
Pleasure exists in the mind of heart

A.K Where is the body?

Body is earth
Earth doesn’t have any purpose to stop it’s rhythm
Archaic evidences
The skin
Digging inside the earth
More layers
Stretched evidences
Naming again

A.K What time is it?

G.S Sun on the leaves of orchids

A.K How did you know?

G.S I knew by love

A.K Do you agree with Kristeva, "Psychoanalysis tells us there is no dialogue, just desires clashing, forces colliding"?

I knew by love
Was no dialogue

A.K Do you agree with Joan Didion, working through the question "of whether or not you could go home again," writing in 1967, that "Sometimes I think that those of us who are now in our thirties were born into the last generation to carry the burden of 'home,' to find family life the source of all tension and drama."

Home is blue details
on the corners of each door
I am with
Touching the walls
Smelling your effort to protect us
My mother
In the family
On the table
That we eat our bread every day
That’s how
I learned

I don’t know anything about Didion

A.K What comes to mind when I write the name A N N A  A H K M A T OVA?

G.S A long narration/ Something with a tragic beginning and a tragic end

A.K A poem of yours, please:



A tiger mouse

A.K And in the year 2012?

Only weather reports for an entire year
Heavy rains like in the tropical forests

A.K The compliment of color is _light again_________. Bonus: 
One of Gaugin's most beloved paintings is titled, "Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?" 
Romance or Anarchy? 

Anarchic Romance
New Seductions

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