This is a party, Athens/NY, 2007

Where are we my friends?
We are nowhere
And we are here again and again
I feel how real you are
Open mouth
No teeth
This is a house
No, but maybe yes
It could be a dog
A very happy dog
This is nothing
I’m here for no reason
This is nothing
And I’m nothing at all
If the party stops  
It’s only depressive normality, extreme separations.
Depressive normality, lonely crowds, impossible utopias, society of society for society 

This is a party
A collection of places, infrastructures, dreams, nightmares, bodies, thoughts and desires
Desires that circulate among us among the places we move and meet 
What about, the formation of sensibility as a force
The sensual of the sensitive
Of the sensitive sensuality
The relationship as no way meeting from the accident to the no resisting full ending
Or starting again and again 
Sadness comes when I can’t touch your face. When you think that relations are only for you and me and not for him, who I desired just for ones, in a bar
You hate my character
I hate your flat imagination 
This is our party
Me, and my friends have a party 
We have been raised as survivors
We have been raised with concepts and projects
An assumption that everything must be tolerated, that everything can be thought so long as it is recognized as being without direct repercussions on the structure of society, of its institutions and of state of power
Any idea can be admitted; its expression should even be favored, so long as the social and the state rules are accepted
The freedom of thought must be total, as well as the freedom of expression in principle, but we must not want the consequences of our thoughts as far as the collective life is concerned
No, this is not a house
This is not a temple
But who owns the keys? 
We want the keys and no one knows where we can find them
You should have the keys
Don’t you?
We don’t have any keys and we walk on the desert
We don’t care how many days or nights
We don’t need the keys
We shall see
Two or three comments for the design, please
It really has two plans 

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