Voice Mail

The common is already there
I am the common
I am nothing
I am just a common
It is like I'm going to the super market
Or you get home and you make your bed
That's why I hate dirty beds

That's what you said?
That's what you said.

The example

The example
On one hand every example is treated in effect as a real particular case; but on the other, it remains understood that it cannot serve in its particularity. Neither particular nor universal, the example is a singular object that presents itself as such, that shows its singularity.
Hence the proper place of the example is always beside itself, in the empty space in which its undefinable and unforgettable life unfolds. This life is purely linguistic life. Only life in the word is undefinable and unforgettable. Exemplary being is purely linguistic being. Exemplary is what is not defined by any property, except by being called. Not being-red, but being called-red.


Nothing about love

I don’t know anything about love
I would reinvent
Some of it
Instead of pretending to
This is what we’ve got
Passing the sugar
Three moments and stops
All over you
Since the begging
You’ve been telling stories of your past
Battles in the sea
Waves more
Waves more
Sudden distance
Acoustic my lips
Since the begging
You’ve been making marks on the ground
To earth
Bones of

HYMBRO, performance, installation, video, Fisher Landau, NY, 2008


That is to say, once more, that my perception is outside my body, and my affection within it. Just as external objects are perceived by me where they are, in themselves and not me, so my affective states are experienced there where they occur, that is, at a given point in my body. Consider the system of images which is called the material world. My body is one of them. Around this image is grouped the representation, i.e. it's eventual influence on the others. Within it occurs affection,i.e its actual effort upon itself. Such is indeed the fundamental difference which every one of us naturally makes between an image and a sensation. Where we say that the image exits outside us, we signify by this that it is external to our body. When we speak of sensation as an internal state, we mean that it arises within in our body. And this is why we affirm that the totality of perceived image subsists, even if our body disappears, whereas we know that we cannot annihilate our body without destroying our sensations...
But we have to take into account the fact that our body is not a mathematical point in space, that its virtual actions are complicated by and impregnated with real actions,or, in other words, that there is no perception without affection. Affection is, then, that part of aspect of the inside of our body which we mix with the image of external bodies;