Note- I thank the city who

My friend Stefanos died and I thank the city that remains the same. I can walk on that corner we talked this dream and argument and I can stay there for a while and it won't be so hard to say bye.


why are some people hot in clothes? - for Stefanos only-


animal nudity are not going to address this issue, instead they are
going to celebrate the once (scantily) dressed kelly lebrock this
saturday at cakeshop. a FREE concert for ALL ages with 25 bands being
all geeky and amazing. at the strike of midnight get ready to
experience "weird science" as you've never seen it before with sounds
provided by hells hills.
the international KELLY LEBROCK'S bday invitational w/ 25 bands, each
playing 10mins.

animal nudity coming on stage at 10.50pm.
see full lineup at

animal nudity currently consist of stefanos tsigrimanis (guitar) and
performance artist par excellence georgia sagri (cello). the two of
them have never played together before and have vowed to destroy any
evidence of their upcoming performance so that they can claim the same
thing for future events. they are both theoretically entrenched in the
concepts of amnesia and improvisation. expect nothing less.

152 ludlow st.
kelly lebrock bday celebration, sat 3/24, 8pm - midnight


set yr alarm clocks, mark yr calendars, tattoo yr forehead if you will: animal nudity at club midway, next thursday, 4/26 at 9pm.
ear-splintering moments of ritualistic silence and sprawling improvisatory excess for guitar/cello/voice.
animal nudity are stefanos tsigrimanis (guitar) and georgia sagri (cello, vox). they promote forgetfullness and they advocate the institutionalization of sesquipedalian verbiage as the next step towards amnesia. they like reading and being read. expect nothing less.
a video of their last performance can be found at: www.myspace.com/animanudity
club midway, thursday 4/26
25 avenue b, btw 2nd and 3rd
sean mccaul, 10pm
animal nudity, 9pm
top down, 8pm

animal nudity's final appearance for this year at one of nyc's most celebrated dens of iniquity: siberia.
a video of a recent performance of theirs can be found at www.myspace.com/animanudty.
animal nudity, 10pm
356, w40th st,, btw 8th and 9th
$8, 21+ w/ID

Exodos- 13/9/2010

The demand is made by the movement of the mirror reflecting the parliament, the city, the passers by and the faces, the buildings' details and the streets.