Violence is not taken, is acted up at the moment of the oppression. In order to take it back you need to be a part of violence at the moment of the oppression. If you are not a part of it you are in a life in which you don't have any desire to take anything back.

Community in a state of civil war is a false community. What that means? It means that a subject in a state of civil war can’t be part of a community. A subject in a state of civil war will always be in a state of emergency. The community in a state of emergency is always formulated within the community for reasons of survival. There is a distinction then between the subject of survival and that of life. The subject inside the community for reasons of life is to create the conditions of forms of life and not the conditions of survival. Life forms are not waiting from someone to name them as such. So, in a way life forms only exist in the presence of non-identity. How we can talk about a political subject without identity? How we can name a party when there is no one to identify it as such? A community for reasons of life owns such complex regions that it will be hard for someone to give them a distinctive name. What would be then interesting here is not to focus on the question of name but how that community can maintain its complexity so no one will be able to name it. Complexity here is not a construction or a refusal of construction of an identity but the creation of life forms that can maintain their particularity. On the first book of Plato's Republic, Socrates says that injustice causes civil war and by a civil war even a single individual is incapable of achieving anything, because he is in a state of civil war and not of one mind; second it makes him his own enemy, as well as the enemy of just people. How then we expect the creation of community in the state of civil war? What kind of community that would be? Are we interested to examine, to follow strategies and to create community in a state of civil war when we know that even as singularities we are enemies of ourselves, even when we know that our communities will fall into patterns of survival by creating them in a state of civil war? Are we interested to imagine forms of life outside the environment that creates them? Is it useful to think of that ? why ?

civil war

humanity against economy
economy against technology
technology against nature
nature against the earth
earth against the galaxy.

The governmental politics is a construction. Construction is representation. In order to have something out of the state which is a stage of the image then we need to realize that the subject is part of that stage as well. The subject although in display must be able to create life forms. What is that outside the image? Is it creative to think outside of the image? What about virtual reality and telepresence ? It is interesting to consider cross-sensory explorations between stereo visual imaging and auditory dimension. After images. Thresholds. Physiological resonances. Acoustic spaces of felt sound phenomena, experienced eithersubliminally, or making recognizably direct physical resonances to the body. Composite mental images of immersion in space, as in stereo vision; direct physiological experience of an acoustic space, as distinguished from the perception of an acoustic space, aurally, as "image."

Those thresholds inside the image are images. The thing that makes them different is that they don't exist topologically and they are constantly changing dimensions and users. There is no separation between who is producing and who is consuming. Composition (production-consumption) throws a party every night and there will be soon no institution to prevent where, when and by whom this may happen.

Time issues might sound banal for some.

Real and symbolic become the same in this variety of praxis. Ideas become commons and exist in multiple spaces. Can still mathematics count the flow of those different spheres? Free mathematics, counting systems and pressure measures will be the next important concern.



For rhythms
If you don't know the way
you can clap your hands and
figure it out.
Then maybe you can set
a song
Make a beat
loop it for millions of times
and sing words
Things you see around
Two snickers
A hug
The appliance electronic giants
and a backpack
You let the sound be
and you can just leave.