Mona Lisa Effect / Alaina Claire Feldman, MALINA IN HD, 2012 ongoing


"Frankly, the works of Mao Zedong, Marx and Engles are really dreadful, but every now and then I had to read them because..."
"Did you read out of love? Or by professional consciousness?"
"Professional consciousness? Definitely not. Out of love, yes. I was in love. It may sound stupid but that was the reason. Because it's true that it wasn't my favorite kind of literature."  Anne Wiazemsky, 1987

The corner of 77th and Madison in Manhattan is covered in debris. Daily rhythm is disrupted with pulsing red lights and whines of fire and police cars. They tape off the front entrance to Sant Cellini while examining the scene of the explosion, which in a matter of seconds turned into a scene of apocalyptic destruction. Across the street, pieces of the green and white striped awning are washed with deep brown blood stains and the name of the place is rubbed out with pieces of her body.

Malina was a woman who blew herself up. Circumscribed by what others did for her, she felt not quite in control of her own existence. The mass of her body that morning exploded without warning, touching just about everything and everyone in sight. A gold diamond ring bounced from the ground, falling with a clink, and then rolling along the stone plaza until it finally lodged itself among the yellow and green daffodil bed. A cop spots the glimmer and pockets the ring covertly like a squirrel with a nut mid-winter. As Malina exploded only a few hours earlier all the distorted order and unity of her life melted away into chaos and unrest coated with a thick smell of burning rubber. A crowd began to gather.

"The raison d'état and moralism are weapons to subjugate". The Pingrey and Chatwicks building (commonly known for dispersing traveling salespeople with clomiphene citrate in hand to gynocologists across the tri-state area, piling on gas millage and stimulating ovulation in equal measure) is 33 blocks south and it is where Geoffry Reade is Executive Vice President and quickly climbing to worldly success. He is 61 years old with excellent posture. Thanks in part to his systematic exploitation of Medicare and an epidemic of illegal marketing activity he is also making an excessive profit that lends he and his wife a comfortable lifestyle. They have one child.
Malina suffered from anorexia nervosa which was defined by a complex inability to maintain her own weight. Geoffry had been discreetly asking around the gentlemen's club for a private operative to look into her evanescence.


1st NYC Anti-Authoritarian, Anarchists, Autonomists

1st NYC Anti-authoritarian, Anarchists, Autonomists

Tuesday, November 8 at 8:00pm - November 9 at 4:00am

This is an open call for everyone that feels an affinity for this Assembly

* Oakland (report back?)
* Nov 10th West Goes Inside
* Nov 17th Call for General Strike

Points of conversation:

- Spreading different forms of occupations (how?)
- Mapping the city to our advantage
- Tactical coherence
- Towards the de-census of every GA
- Distribution of communication (twitter, facebook) and its conflicts
- Media and Livestream problematics
- Future events and calls

no journalists / no cops