Sick Building, 2014

Sick Building, 2014 
Laser print, fluorescent paint on wood 
installation view: Delay Dust, Kunsthalle Bern, 2014


Antigone Model, KW Berlin, 4 July 2013 (installation and performance)

SALOON: THERE IS NO COUNTRY IN OUR HEARTS, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 2013


"There is no country in our hearts" I told her and she looked at me with surprise. I couldn't suggest a drink after that look of hers. With that gaze of hers, its discomfort that made me think of my knees and how I need to open my bag without reason, just checking things in my bag I walked and walked for hours. I started recording my voice saying how I hate being asked from which country I am, those shitty boarders, nationalities, national expectations for what, for whom exactly are those expectations for, for which reason to talk my mother tongue like there is something that belongs to me when I speak it? I want my steps to be steps of pleasure for the things I do that I don't need to name, - I recorded that- the smells, sounds, textures, clothing and behaviors of a different world. G.S. 2013


Ha!, 2008-2014

Ha!, 2008 - 2014
15 laughing cuts on colour fluorescent plastic sheets, magnets, screws
240 x 410 cm
installation view: I love you Me either, Project Native Informant, 2014