Means of operation

Means of operation

Treat medium not as an issue of its history but in order to actualize concepts

History is a found object

Pleasure and survival

Survival involves tactical engagement and pragmatics/ speed decisions rather than mapping and narrativising. There is no narrative.

Being actual
Is not about reality but the virtualisation of reality

We say performative only because there is not another term

Understand that this is not a cultural product but a social product

There is no mode of address here that is particular, that keeps certain operations from taking place.

It repels like a mirror, and asks different questions in a direct way.

Do you see yourself???
DO you see yourself???

Endless rearticulation, miming (examining space and time without any knowledge), for another, not for internal process, not for the thing itself

The mirror is the center

Be present with the materials as operator of other systems


The difference between skills, qualities that enable survival and those that enable courtship and pleasure

Replace every use of the word object with skin
There is only surface
I hate sculpture
There is no sculpture
Body, yes
But not object
Body is already texted and mapped and coded to be just sculptural
To be object - like
It is far more complex and far more direct

There is power yes
And waves
And there is a condition in which the wave has hit and which we are surviving and finding territory

Sometimes politics, are the waves (forces/the real) which are forgotten and repressed, thrown away from the conversation, under the conditions of the new function of floating and selling.

Repetition that is not a result of LACK of the efficacy of the signifier
Repeat the thing that functions
Not repeating to produce the real condition of its emptiness. Like if you say a word so many times that becomes a sound not a sign.
I repeat mechanisms, like flirting in a way that WORKS. Flirting WORKS
And you do it over and over again
Not because you want to show that flirting is empty. But because it does WORK

This is the bird showing its color and breast in the mating ritual. It is an efficient and necessary gesture that is repeated over and over again for survival.

Did you see your desires in my excess?

It is surface
Any surface
Making territory
It is repeated creation of surface and design that seduces.
In this case seduction creates territory

Territory is only ever made through the repetition of an aestheticized sign in a social milieu. A milieu of an exteriority

History is for strength not for sign
I don’t want sings and death narratives and I don’t want to massage history
I want to give backups to people who need them, not to melancholic narratives of artistic activity

And maybe I want to give seduction to other people
Things open to use by others

Relationship is here
Relationship is not here