we want to be part of a conversation. i don't want to be part of any conversation. it is not about i tell you something and then you buy it or sell it at the end. it is about you tell me something and then i sell it at the end. it is not about closed dialogues. it is only about closed dialogues. as artists we can't still think we are out there just to sell our stuff. as artists we are out there to sell our stuff. collaboration is just simple as that. collaboration is complicated and tiring and by the way i hate this word. collaboration is beyond ego, creativity is owned by everybody and not only from creative people. collaboration is only about ego and creativity well we are going too far. you have to get over yourself and stop assuming you are some genius and that everybody is an idiot and you have to collaborate with everybody, with peers, with people you have no common language, with groups coming from different cultures and fields. i don't want to collaborate with anyone and you are an idiot. art can't be outside of the conversation and artists can't still think of themselves as special people. i am more special than you think i am, do you want a kiss? reality runs faster than any artist's idea. reality doesn't exist anyway, do you want a kiss? i can't waste more time to think of another art-project, i prefer to participate in terms of reality not art. Buy all my wasted time and i will not care if you participate or not.



Landscape with Diogenes, Nicolas Poussin, c. 1647, Oil on canvas, 160 cm x 221 cm, Musée du Louvre, Paris

"According to one story, Diogenes went to the Oracle of Delphi to ask for its advice, and was told that he should deface the currency, and Diogenes, realizing that the oracle meant that he should deface the political currency rather than actual coins, traveled to Athens and made it his life's goal to deface established customs and values." The difficulty of the prophesy to Diogenes lies in the fact that the alter of the currency, refers to the change of the political currency and state currency but also to the actual face of the coin. With the current socioeconomic chaos seems that the prophecy is solved because the currency has no face anymore. Economy acts out through fiat money, let it be done money. Money counts time and only, time of exchange, time of investment. The central image on the coin doesn't exist, the superior face is gone and we don't believe in it; and if we have any memories or symptoms of belief they count nothing. We are sure now, more than any other time that capital exists in its own world, in its own time, acting out capital. Diogenes was a living example of another possible political currency but he didn't amend the face of the actual coin, the currency itself. I wonder at the current political and economic situation without thinking the "coin's" altered symbolic, material and representational state we will end up talking and acting politically although there is something more drastic to be done. In order to alter the political currency we need to think of it in connection to the changed currency. We cannot distinguish those two. If the face is already destroyed then our work is to make time, separate of the entropy of capital and political examples.

Note - The Open, Man and the Animal by G.Agamben

"..Every environment is a closed unity in itself, which results from the selective sampling of a series of elements or "marks" in the umgebung*, which, in turn, is nothing other than man's environment. The first task of the researcher observing an animal is to recognize the carriers of significance which constitute its environment. These are not, however, objectively and factically isolated, but rather constitute a close functional- or as Uexkull prefers to say, musical- unity with the animal's receptive organs that are assigned to perceive the mark (Merkorgan) and to react to it (Wirkorgan). Everything happens as if the external carrier of significance and its receiver in the animal's body constituted two elements in a single musical score, almost like two notes of the "keyboard in which nature performs the supratemporal and extraspatial sympony of signification", though it is impossible to say how two such heterogenous elements could ever have been so intimately connected.."

*the environment-world that is constituted by a more or less broad series in which we see a living being moving