Mona Lisa Effect / Fia Backstrom, I am so US, 2014

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In 1991, I was writing on a word processor IBM ps2 - Personal system vs. Impersonal system
I have not written on a typewriter since 1989 - I abhor the linearity that the typewriter forcer thinking into
I abhor
You abhor
He abhors
She abhors
It abhors
We abhor
You abhor
They abhor

Grammatical linearity of Inclusion and exclusion
From one to many through the We/Them logic
a linear logic of the iphone

linearity as in: 1 2 3 456789101112131415232425 36374245556768808182 5 7 89 90
Writing non-linearly, shifting the order of the lines for natural development to increase empathic identification or reading backwards as in socially awkwards

Diagnostic criteria:
1. Deficits in social-emotional reciprocity, ranging from abnormal social approach and failure of normal back-and-forth conversation; to reduced sharing of interests, emotions, or affect; to failure to initiate or respond to social interaction.
3. Deficits in developing, maintaining, and understanding relationships, ranging form difficulties adjusting behavior to suit various social contexts.

Our autistic culture – our lives in number
correlation is any statistical relationship between two random variables or two sets of data and refers to a broad class of relationships involving dependence.
associativity is a binary operation in propositional logic as a valid rule of replacement for expressions in logical proofs
an asymptote of a curve is a line such that the distance between the curve and the line approaches zero as they tend to infinity.
# the pound sign, a sign for quantity, becoming or has become a data set, the/a hashtag - a mobile signifier
delineating a new kind of space, drawing geometrical/statistical vectors, operating both spatially & alpha-numerically
creating a cool kind of contact, to connect:
content with content
context with context
correlation with correlation

but not:
association with associativity
and not assimilation to assymptote
nor ass to an ace

our lives in numbers - our numerical universe
scales and its abstraction
materiality and presence = specificity

linearity as in: A b c d e f g is a non-infinite universe Acqd
A as in asymptote - a distance tending to infinity as it approaches 0
B as in bureaucratic language or bucolic bullshit
Cc: me
Critical capital
Cultural capital
Creative capital
Credit capital
Credit card
C c c c c me – making value together

Data – she

Go glee a word generating intelligence - so much language, who takes responsibility as in a call for ethics
I quantify my life
I have problems expressing empathy
Autistic social disconnection
We quantify everything
We as a culture and a society

The extreme generalization of the word society
The violent generalization of the word culture

We use data
We us data
We US data
forsvarets riks anstalt – the national defence department

British National party
Danish People's Party
Flemish Block
Freedom party
Freedom party
German People's Union
Golden Dawn
Hellenic Front
Hungarian Guard
Livable Netherlands
National Alliance
National Democratic party
National Front
Northern League
National resistance
People's Party
Popular Party
Progress party
Swedish Democracy
Swiss People's Party


I am so US...
I am so U.S.
You Swedish
Me U.S.

Swedish people are blonde
Blonde people are dumb
All swedes are dumb

All dumb people are racists
A liar’s paradox or political rhetoric

The danger of generalizations
We is a generalization

You and I and fascism
We and fascism
Our fascism

We are implicated
Are we implicated
Implicated we are
Implicated are we?
Affirmative questioning

You can always tell a person who does not have Swedish as a primary language from the inversions, the melody and the use of the articles (en och ett)
In Sweden white suprematist violence has increased with 500% over the last ten years
500 10 10 500

Our lives in numbers – our quantifiable universe
Race recognition - by humans
Face recognition - by machines

Translation: text into numbers into images into code into text
The verifiability of everything

face recognition and racial biology                                                              
micro data and macro data
small data and fast data
miniscule data and excessive data

The minute movements of a face through degrees of deviation
The social production of a face – language as empirically and socially acquired - face to face, body to body.

It's a question of scale
Of the continuity of intrinsic qualities of feeling we can now form but a feeble conception. The development of the human mind has practically extinguished all feelings, except a few sporadic kinds, sounds, colors, smells, warmth, etc., which now appear to be disconnected and disparate. In the case of colors, there is a tridimensional spread of feelings. Originally all feelings may have been connected in the same way, and the presumption is that the number of dimensions was endless. For development essentially involves a limitation of possibilities. But given a number of dimensions of feeling, all possible varieties are obtainable by varying the intensities of the different elements. It follows from the definition of continuity, that when any particular kind of feeling is present, an infinitesimal continuum of all feelings differing infinitesimally from that is present.
Face recognition software is now used to analyze and humanize the emotions expressed in the faces of animals – disregarding other registers of exchange
This is the Autistic quality of civilization, we need face recur ruin recognition to verifying trithineds truthiness for data analysis of facial movements
Emoticons as visual substitute for emotive text, a metacommunicative pictorial representation of a facial expression
The state department for race biology research was founded in 1922 and continued until 1975. Much of its early research on Ural-Altaic Languages was colored by attempts at justifying that European peoples east of Sweden were Asian and thus of inferior race, justifying settlements and racial hygiene. Swedish research was an important ideological precursor to the later Nazism. semi circle
semi semi
semi colon and anti semite
same = laponian –> the Nordic Native, indigenous peoples of the north

"You don't sound like that at all" cab driver reminded me: “The way you speak, I thought you had been here for 2 yrs most. How have you been able to be here for so long a still talk like that?"
I am reminded I am just a visitor in this language – remember me on this computer
bar bar bar – blah blah blah – blabber blabber blabber
Barbarization of language - the word is Roman for the North African Berbers

The Old English personal pronouns were replaced by the Scandinavian forms They Their Them dom during the Anglo-Saxon age
Exporting otherness - A racial pollution of language - they - them
a migration going both ways.

How can we/they/one utter xenophobic rhetorics believably with so many linguistic bastards and impurities. How can we speak without pushing those immigrant words through our vocal cords past our white teeth?
Transference is about pronouns. Transversality is a we/here M-dash they/there
Give and take are also Scandinavian immigrants. The word Data means given in Latin. It is possible that Data dates back to Old Persian Dadatuy: let him give or from Sanskrit Dadati: offering gift
articulation – to say it out loud - from the tongue, through the lips, in one breath
inhaling something that is not mine

ultra subjective utterance
subjective/objective speech
machinic/objective muttering

To speak as an I and engage as a we                                                       
articulation & accent
speech language pathologies
language screening assessment
slipping between languages
meaning in translation, cadence, and rhythm

syncopation - a discovery of the mouth
rhythm - not melody
rhythm - not velocity
there is a difference between melodic and percussionist

tongue twister
ready in rhythm
foreign syntax
erotic syntax
unconscious syntax
exotic syntax
contemporary syntax

Globish & Fascism - everything starts to mean anything else
I have no verbal responsibility I am a foreigner
immigrant syntax - Globish for everyone - We are all barbarians
Barbarian English vs Queen’s Accent

My dear barbarian, you seem confused spraying swastikas on mosques
there is a pill for this - there is no cure for that

personality disorders should not be confused with (but may be the result of) problems accounting with acculturation following immigration.
In the bit/In ha bit this place/inhabit this language
let it live through you
I feel my language moving through you/your body
I feel your language moving through me/my body

Rhymes as transformational gradients, allowing for motion of meaning in and out of word units. Sliding from one morpheme into another, searching, while misplacing manifest meaning, the rhyme is an emotive movement, morphing into the other, passing as in becoming somebody or something else, noun into verb.
Morphology is a branch of biology dealing with the study of the form and structure of organisms and their specific structural features.
Suppose a surface is part red and part blue; so that every point on it is either red or blue, and, of course, no part can be both red and blue. What, then, is the color of the boundary line between the red and the blue? The answer is that the color of the surface is the color of the surface in the immediate neighborhood of the point. I purposely use a vague form of expression, it follows that the boundary is half red and half blue.
BORDERLINE personality disorder
- vague circumstantial, metaphorical, over elaborate, or stereotypical thinking
- restricted interpersonal contact
- the border where I end and you begin is unclear and flexible

language is the bridge between us all
contemporary euphemism
contemporary erection
to be in your emotion - commotion
to be in your language - collective
to be in your body - collateral
the border between body/language/emotion
spoken language supports us towards others

curiosity and security
certainty and security
somatic symptoms

Association – dissociation and feelings of emptiness
inhibition in interpersonal relations
inadequacy and social ineptitude

Place your welfare in the hands of others
(excerpt from performance: Aphasia as a Visual Shape of Speaking - on A-production and other language syndromes.)